17 Aug 2012

Cursed Ascension [Creepypasta]

Expand! A great Creepypasta "Buried Alive" by rrod197 Watch: youtu.be Ever since the last failed experiment by Dr. Maxis, things have been going, well... wrong. There was a weird ripple in time that led back to the time where the first person started to turn into a zombie. The theory is he "rubbed" against a diseased plant that gave him a curse. The cause of the disease is unknown, but some nuclear reactors probably poisoned the plants. After the vision, there is a blur in eyesight. It seems as though reality has became a dream. :( This video brings a lot of sorrow and despair. :0 Give up on your hope now! :( Death is near. Code... 4-15-14-20 23-1-20-3-8!

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